Sri Lanka , a beautiful tropical island adjoining India is nothing short of an unexplored marvel. My recent and first ever trip to Sri Lanka was hosted by the team at Sri Lankan Airlines.Known to be one of the most punctual airlines and a member of the Oneworld airline alliance,it is currently the largest airline in Sri Lanka by number of aircraft and destinations, and was launched in 1979 as Air Lanka following the termination of operations of the original Sri Lankan flag carrier Air Ceylon
I was ecstatic to be a part of this FAM trip put together by Linkin Reps and Esna Holidays who made sure to prepare a fruitful itinerary and keep us entertained on the entire trip.


We visited two major cities of Sri Lanka , Colombo & Galle
Lets begin with how we began the trip,on a two hour voyage to the beautiful Galle from Colombo international Airport early in the morning.The flight from Mumbai to Colombo was around 2 hours 25 mins.The journey by road gave us a good sense of the tropical country overlooking the lush greenery.Came across a lot cinnamon & tea plantations all along the way. A very agriculturally advanced nation must say by making good use of the high yielding land and favourable climatic conditions.The sun was upon us at it was almost noon and the heat was killing me already I wont deny but that comes with the territory of any tropical destination perhaps.

We finally reached our hotel at Galle where we were put up,the gorgeous Angel Beach Resort in Unawatuna.First of all let me talk about the elaborate welcome we were greeted with.We entered to a bunch of local performers dressed in their traditional costumes moving on the beats of the drums.That itself set the tone and made us feel so warm and welcomed.Then ofcourse came the refreshing welcome drink which was a chilled concoction of some delicious fruits served in a coconut.Just what we needed after the long tiring drive.


Angel Beach is a newly built resort in Unawatuna and we were the first set of influencers to visit the place.It had barely been a week and was not yet open to public which made it even more exclusive.The location of the resort was the most appealing as it was right on the beach ,it had a beautiful poolside with lovely white cabanas and beach beds.I was simply loving the beach club vibe.It boosts of 11 gorgeous rooms very lavishly designed.The bar tenders were so friendly and made the yummiest cocktails for us.Music is a very important aspect for me that sets the tone for any place.The DJ made sure to play some great tropical music to set the mood.Our rooms were beautiful and spacious with huge bathrooms and all the possible luxurious amenities you would expect.We quickly freshened up and got all ready to start the day.


Embarked on a journey to explore the southern countryside of Galle and experience the local sights.Took a tuk tuk ride to the lake where we got on a small boat ride to experience the lush waterways and what a scenic view that was.Getting up close and personal with the backwaters,the plantations and the wildlife felt so surreal and calming.Ended the ride at a small local cafe where we were treated to some yummy hoppums (appams here in India) and other local delicacies before retreating back to the hotel


Next morning we headed out to explore some cultural sights.Our first being the Yatagala temple in Unawatuna also knows as the Rock Temple.An ancient Buddhist rock temple that dates back more than 2,000 years.It boosts of a 9m huge Buddha statue and is built around and within giant boulder-like rock formations.A very peaceful,calm & beautiful space to be at.


Next stop was the famous Galle Fort.The guide walked us through the entire area talking about its ancient origin and buildings of historic importance.We also walked though the local markets and did a bit of shopping and picked up some local produce.
Next we headed to check out the Galle Lighthouse which has to be the most picturesque and instagrammed sights here in Galle.Overlooking the ocean,The Galle Lighthouse stands at a height of 26.5 meters and is an exemplary work by the renowned architect Geoffrey Bawa .It has been listed in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. From the top of the lighthouse, you can have panoramic views of the complete area. It is a prime spot for the tourists who come for an evening stroll.


After a long tiring day and exploring the city sights we retired back to Angel Beach Resort and decided to take a dip in the pool to relax .We continued to enjoy our time there as they had hosted lovely live performences over some delectable hors d’ oevres followed by a scrumptious diner.
Next day we headed out to Colombo City which I shall be covering in my next article so stay tuned for that πŸ™‚

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