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Hey guys ! So I recently took a trip to Bali to relax, rejuvenate and take a break from my busy schedule.Bali is a tourist’s delight to say the least. I was so awestruck with the place that I had to share my experience with you all!

Bali is an all-round vacation spot – with a combination of golden beaches,natural landscapes and the best adventure activities ever. Being a total beach bum, I spent the majority of my time relaxing at the beach clubs and soaking up the sunrays.

My evenings were filled with good food, dancing and having the best of times. The beautiful tropical vibes were the icing on the cake.Also, the lovely weather! Sunny and tropical, with the most heavenly pleasant breeze in the evening. I have listed out all the details of the hotels and places I visited for you guys! So without further ado,lets drive straight into it!

I stayed at The ANVAYA Beach Resort, which is located in the centre of Kuta. My favourite part of this five-star resort was its private beach! The lovely ambience of this place is inspired from Bali’s beautiful cultural history. The property is huge and has a very warm welcoming vibe.The luxurious facilities and food were perfect companions to the charm of this place.Our room was very cozy and comfortable and the hotel had impeccable service with very friendly staff.We spent a lot of time chilling in the pool and enjoying some tropical cocktails.

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Potato Head is a must when in Bali! It is one of the most favourite beach clubs here and always super packed with tourists and locals alike.A lovely chilled out ambience with scrumptious food and exotic cocktails .A common feature in most of Bali beach clubs is an infinity pool overlooking the sea providing the perfect laid-back vibe.It is the best for relaxing and soaking in the gorgeous views!

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Next up we attended the Bikini Party at Kudeta which is a must do as per the locals.What took my breath away at the Ku De Ta party were the elaborately dressed dancers and exotic live performers adding a lot of drama and entertainment to the vibe.It boasts of panaromic views of the Indian ocean and their food menu ranges from informal eats to fine dining

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We moved to Seminyak midway into our trip to explore its very popular markets with designer boutiques and buzzing street cafes.I was very amazed looking at the elaborate interiors of the boutiques and street cafes with attention to the minutest detail.We stayed at Peppers,Seminyak. My villa at Peppers was a tropical heaven – luxurious, elegant and cosy at the same time. The USP of this property is its natural habitat and luxury built inside natural surroundings.The private pool, decks with loungers, a huge bathroom with an open shower area with surrounding gardens – these are just a few things which my villa had! Each villa is surrounded by tropical gardens

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Some of my favourite restaurants / eating joints in Bali would have to be La favela, The Clean Canteen ,Motel Mexicola,Da Maria, Metis,Woo bar and the favourite nightclubs would be Jenga,Mirror and we had an amazing experience at the Avatar theme party at La Laguna

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We made a day trip to the W Hotel and I think it is by far the best property I visited on my trip.Their sprawling property consists of luxury villas and rooms with plush decor ,relaxing beach facing pools,poolside cabanas,fine dining restaurants, informal trendy lounges and cafés with the most picturesque and breathtaking views.The gourmet dining and exotic cocktail menus are an icing on the cake.A special mention to the minute details in décor at this luxe hotel add to its worth.My next trip I would definitely pick W for my stay and highly recommend it for a luxury 5 star experience.

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Next up we travelled to Karma beach which is one of the most scenic spots in Bali and had me smitten with its breathtaking view! This gem is nestled on the southernmost tip of Bali overlooking the Indian ocean.So we arrived at the uber fancy Karma Kandara Resort and unless you are staying at the resort the only way to visit this beach for day trekkers is to pay for a day pass. We had visited Karma beach for the Foam party and I was really excited and intrigued as it was my first time at a party like that.A cable car took us down to the beach and there we were witnessing heaven on earth! I was awestruck! The sight of the fluffy foam was so enticing we jumped right into it.We had a lovely time drenched in the foam and dancing away to the lovely music by the live dj at the party. Finishing up with a lovely seafood preparation and scrumptious cocktails.All in all a lovely experience not to be missed when in Bali

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This trip I was only looking at relaxing which is why I could not bring myself to partaking in any of the adventure activities as Bali is well known for its water sporting as well as wildlife safaris and volcano sightings etc.But on my next trip I definitely plan to being more adventurous and trying those out as well and explore the cultural sightings and temples of Bali.One trip will never be enough to traverse this extensive and multifaceted island. But I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience and come back with some amazing memories for life.So if you are looking for your next holiday destination, I would highly recommend this Paradise Island!

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