Give your body the HARIPPA Boost

Give your body the HARIPPA Boost


I am all for health foods and in the current day and age the kind of lifestyles we lead it is a must to add some healthy food/supplements to our diets to contradict the effect of the toxins & chemicals in the junk food that we invariably end up consuming

I was recently introduced to the brand Harippa by True Elements. The concept of ‘Harippa’ symbolises fusion – of ancient sustenance and contemporary taste & health. It brings back the food in the most natural form, just the way our forefathers consumed it, but with a modern flavour. Harippa range of snacks brings nutrient-bursting roasted seeds with interesting, earthy seasonings. They have various health benefits including improving your immune system, heart health, anti-diabetic , liver health and many more

The seeds used in Harippa are hand-picked, roasted to perfection to add that slight crunch. They are then seasoned with Babylonian-inspired spices and herbs. Choicest seasonings like rosemary, basil, thyme, oregano, cinnamon, cumin, etc. are used. These seasonings not only enhance the taste but also added a special value to the product.

You can consume these seeds in various forms including sprinkling them over your salads, adding them to your milkshakes/ smoothies , garnishing your meals with it or simply chomping on them in between since they are by themselves so delicious given the added herbs & seasonings

Also, the biggest hurdle the common man faces is that ‘health’ foods come at an exorbitant price. This is why, Harippa range of snacks is available at a really affordable price, with offerings starting from just Rs 99.

Another thing that really drew my attention was their packaging.The pyramid-shaped packaging in  vibrant colours  with hues of blue, green, orange and yellow is definitely eye catching

So go ahead and give your bodies this boost which is a perfect combination of Ancient bites and Modern taste!


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