Work it Out with Bodyholics

Work it Out with Bodyholics


Exercise has been touted to be a cure for nearly everything in life. People tend to neglect this crucial aspect of the daily regime, even though it has major benefits. The rigors of long hours at the office, a sedentary lifestyle, wrong diet plans and unhealthy choices are wreaking havoc with your health. The best way to put this right is by working your body and proper nutrition.

Bodyholics, the first combine training gym, is a community of Fitness minded people, dedicated to providing fitness solutions that are the best of both worlds – old school fitness ideologies and modern day science. They offer Functional Fitness Programs that can be custom-designed for men and women of all ages and people from varied backgrounds.

Functional exercise challenges all body systems by working strength, balance, core, circuit training, flexibility, coordination and cardio-respiratory conditioning, all at the same time. Their workouts are a concoction of alternate functional training techniques like variations on the battling rope, climbing wall, rope climbing and much more

Try these techniques to make the most of your precious time in the gym. You’ll be surprised by how big a difference they can make!

Functional fitness may sound like a catchy new type of workout, but once you understand its importance you’ll be hooked. The icing on the cake is a bunch of certified fitness, strength and conditioning specialists that make the whole workout session extra challenging and phenomenal simultaneously. Confining in words, it was altogether an overwhelming experience for me.

Keep your spirits up and tune into the Bodyholics, as fitness should be a lifetime commitment with ever-changing goals and expectations, and it should help you live a longer, healthier life.





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