T Shirt Dress Trend on point with Bewakoof Official

T Shirt Dress Trend on point with Bewakoof Official


I am a total sucker for comfort clothing but cant turn out shabby. I came across a brand that strikes the perfect balance between being comfortable and at the same time ensuring an effortlessly chic style ! To my rescue is Bewakoof Official.

Today I’m relishing my hip hop rhapsody as it sketches a statement of exuberance with a wave of minimalistic style. My fail safe way to achieve a casual yet high fashion realm is by dressing in a sporty glam way, which infuses a blend of comfy and a playful aura. So I opted for a T Shirt Dress from Bewakoof, where the vermillion hue and the jersey dress made for a perfect juxtaposition of stylish and a sporty-chic. I summed up my look with a pair of white sneakers and oversized reflectors which added a definition of cool glamour and I particularly find it interesting to incorporate such uber cool nuances to a casual look as it lends a style factor to the look.Totally loving this band on trend!

Oh and not only do they cater to women but they have the men covered as well. Bewakoof has a lot to offer from their collection of Tshirts, Vests, Joggers,Full sleeve Tshirts ,Long Tshirts for all you men out there ! So go splurge and look trend-on!


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