Dubai Diaries : Bohemian Goth Gal !!!

Dubai Diaries : Bohemian Goth Gal !!!


So its day 2 in Dubai and I was in mood to go for a boho-goth chic look, which is full of adventure, freedom, love and romance. I explored the dark side of fashion with more feisty and chic style, without being villainous and spooky – hitting the right chord with an outlandishly Goth spin can be tricky but when done right can be impactful.

I indulged in some strong sense of mystique and charm by exploring with the dark elements and letting the tale of Goth take the fashion-o-meter to a new high. An all black look which creates a frame of gothic romanticism.

Playing with the moods of Boho fashion with a gothic twist, I paired a bralette with a thigh-high center slit long skirt with a center zipper detail. And spelling the magic of nu goth, I teamed my outfit with a big-brim hat and a choker, which simply added more definition to my overall look.

Dark glamour is a way to express my love for edgy and powerhouse fashion!


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