PINK – Victoria’s Secret

PINK – Victoria’s Secret


Hey girls ! Today I will be reviewing the lovely body products from PINK by Victoria’s Secret..a brand which tops every girls wishlist ! They come in this super pretty pink pouch..I have used these products for over a week now and I will be be giving you a detailed description on each one of them..So here we go!

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PINK Body Mist

Let’s take a quick look at Victoria’s Secret PINK Fresh and Clean body mist. I have always been in a constant quest for a remarkable ready-to-go aroma that’s refreshing and long-lasting. Finaly I found this fragrance of body mist that enticed me to buy it forefront. It’s made up of fresh apple and lily making it a versatile blend. A perfect combination of fruity and floral and oh so girly. The outstanding apple element emits a crisp and raw fragrance. I would highly recommend this to women of all ages to feel fresh on a long day out

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PINK Body Lotion

The Victoria’s Secret PINK Fresh and Clean lotion shows your skin some love. The misty feel of fresh apple and lily is simply captivating. The lotion establishes an instant moisture infusion with aloe, oat and grapeseed extracts that keeps the skin hydrated. The smoothness and softness of the skin is retained plus the presence of Vitamin E and Vitamin C are add-ons in maintaining healthy and glowing skin. This is my absolute go-to summer lotion smelling so fresh and tangy. The great quick-absorbing formula makes it just perfect for summer skin

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PINK Body Scrub

The Victoria’s Secret PINK Fresh and Clean Body scrub has the exfoliating property that prevents the skin from ageing giving a young and fresh look. It effuses a gorgeous flow that maintains a youthful skin by detoxifying it. It brightens the complexion and remove the dead cells revealing the healthy skin and improves the skin tone as well. The skin becomes softer and is a complete go-go in a good skin care regimen.The healthy composition of Vitamin E that has antioxidant properties and Vitamin C that prevents skin wrinkling assure complete care of your skin. It smells so fruity and summery and that’s just perfect for spring summer. I personally recommend it once or twice a week to keep your skin rejuvenated

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PINK Shea Lip balm

The Victoria’s Secret PINK Lip balm contains shea butter making my lips smooth and moisturized. It’s incredibly nourishing and glides onto lips and not waxy at all. Highly recommended for chapped lips because of shea’s softening effect. The lips feel super nice and baby soft. I would totally give my seal of approval to this lip balm as it leaves my lips Oh-so-smooth and well hydrated

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